Day 0.5: The Bible & Plan I’m Using

Since I announced this project, I’ve had some questions. I covered most of them in my intro post, but these two nitty gritty details didn’t seem to fit: which Bible I’m using and in what order I’m reading it.

The Bible: New International Version

I mentioned in my intro post that I’m using the Bible I was given when I graduated high school. It’s a New International Version Life Application Study Bible circa 2005.

It includes all sorts of fun extras like introductions to each book, personality profiles, maps, and more. I’ll leave commentary on these components out of my daily readings and recaps, but I’ll include them in my behind-the-scenes and extras, which you can access by becoming a patron on Patreon.

The Plan: Chronological

I researched quite a few different ways to read the bible. It’s like deciding how to watch Doctor Who, there are several options, none of which are wrong.

I’ve decided on a chronological approach for several reasons.

  • It’s my first time reading the whole thing.
  • I’m being pretty public about my plan to read this whole book in a year and I really don’t want to accidentally miss a chapter.
  • I’m reading it as a book, not necessarily a religious text. This is covered more in my first post.
  • The only books I’ve ever read out of order are: 1) Choose your own adventure stories, and 2) College reading assignments. This doesn’t feel like either of those.


If you want my reading plan, I’ve laid it out here. Just put in your email address and I’ll send it to you in a handy, dandy PDF.

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I'm spending portions of the next 365 days reading the Bible. And document my thoughts as I work through the Holy Book.

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