Day 0 Video: Introduction to 365 Days of the Bible

Video Transcript

Hey guys. I’m Megan. I’m a freelance writer, proofreader, and digital marketer. And I’m going to read the Bible this year. I’ve talked to a lot of people about this project but just want to kind of give some further background.

A lot of people asked about my background with religion so I’m going to cover that a bit. I grew up going to church so I know like all of the children’s stories and know about Christianity from a child’s perspective. I haven’t gone to church since I moved out of my parents’ house. I’m kind of a Creaster at this point (Christmas and Easter) when the family goes.

Back in the day I opened the Bible as needed for church, but I really never sat down and read it. But one thing I do understand is the importance of faith and religion. I’ve got a lot of people in my life who faith gets them through things I’ve seen it, I understand it. So while I’m not a religious person I have a lot of experience with the people around me seeing how important religion is.

So what made me want to take on this project? I have no idea. I woke up completely randomly one day and was like I should do that just to revisit it. I have no idea where it came from but the more I thought about it the more I couldn’t get it out of my head and so I figured, I took that as a sign, as I should go ahead and do the project.

My goals are I really just want to see what the Bible is all about.

You know obviously the Bible is a religious text; it’s central to Christianity. People use the Bible as an excuse for a lot of things, and so I’m just interested to see what it says. I’m really not approaching this from a like an organized religion standpoint. I’m reading the book as a book and knowing that it is obviously a religious text.

And I’m really taking this project seriously. I’m approaching with a completely open mind. I mean, there will be humor mixed in, but I’m not approaching it with my usual snarky, sarcastic, cynical self. I really want to see what happens and what I learn as I progress through this giant book that has had an impact on history and and a lot of people’s lives.

This project is ultimately for me, myself, my own personal development.

But I want other people to be involved or at least feel like they have the opportunity if they want to so I’ve set up quite a few opportunities for feedback and kind of diving deeper for those that want to. Every post will have the ability to add comments so you can go to comments and tell me what you think. If you prefer not to make public comments then there’s a way send me a private message on the site as well, understanding that not everyone wants their stuff out there but maybe they want to open a dialog.

I also have extras. So this video is just the first in a lot of videos that I plan to do, so I’ve set up a subscription access through Patreon. There’s a link around here somewhere.

There are a couple different levels there. if you want early access, all of the levels will get early access, so basically 7 days before everybody else gets it.  All the posts will eventually be fully public you can just get a little bit early access.

Other levels will get awesome videos like this where I dive in to different pieces like some of the additional information that my particular Bible provides, background information, I mean just pondering things.

And then other levels will access research on theories. So the Bible is a lot of like big hitting topics and just reading through them my mind is going to come up with theories, it’s going to come up questions. And I’m not gonna be able to answer those in my daily post because I’m doing this daily. So what I’m going to do is dive into a little bit of research, provide some of that, rehash that on videos, and probably in writing, and so patrons will get access to that content.

So again somewhere around here and click on the big red button again it’s completely voluntary. I’m investing a lot of time in this project so I figured I’d set up a way for people to help me out if they wanted and get a few extra cool benefits.

So you might see posts that are blocked and I’ll explain what they are, you know, whether it’s a video or some background research so you can decide for yourself if it’s worth joining or not.

And overall, I just want to thank people for their interest in this project. I’ve had a lot of interest from when I just kind of put it out there and I’m really excited about it. I take it very seriously and we’ll see what the next year brings.

So I guess I’m gonna go off and read the Bible.

About Megan Horn

I'm spending portions of the next 365 days reading the Bible. And document my thoughts as I work through the Holy Book.

3 thoughts on “Day 0 Video: Introduction to 365 Days of the Bible

  1. Link is on the right.

    Also, what are patreon donations being used for anything else? I want to make sure I’m not funding some international cartel.

    1. In my defense, I did the video before I was finished with the site, so……
      AND everything is backwards in the video! Like a mirror.

      Money will probably go toward technology to turn water into wine.

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