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Hello ‘ello ‘ello.

So I just got done reading and then writing about the first segment, which was Genesis chapters 1 through 4, and I have so many thoughts running through my head that I wanted to just sit down and talk them through.

One day in I’m still really excited about the project. So far it’s a lot of fun and it’s… hard. To put day one together like just reading and then reflecting on it was about an hour, and I probably could have spent more time, but like I mentioned the intro video I set some things aside to go ahead and do as extras or additional research as I have the time and ability to put those together.

One thing that was like most shocking to me, and you’ll see this when you read or maybe you’ve already read the day one post, I was really shocked at how short some of these stories are. Like creation. The creation of the world is like two pages long. The story about of Adam and Eve is like two pages long.

For some reason in my head I had this thought that each of the stories would be longer.

You know as a writer I think in word counts so each of these stories is about a thousand words, which is short when you think about the impact that they have and the story that they’re telling. So I really expected them to be longer, more in-depth, and with more details, but apparently my brain filled in details that maybe don’t actually exist, potentially during my exposure as a as a youngster.

So as I was thinking about it and this kind of came to me as I was reading so you know first big, I wouldn’t call it an epiphany, and I can’t call it a revelation because we don’t get there until the very end of the Bible,  but I’m wondering if I’m maybe not alone in this. I wonder if we like fill in and kind of extrapolate these stories when we’re exposed in church or frankly through the media and movies. I don’t know if there’s a movie about the story of creation, I don’t know but certainly Adam and Eve have been depicted and plenty of other biblical stories have been depicted. And of course when you’re in church and there’s a 40-minute sermon on something you assume that comes from more than a two-page story. But it doesn’t.

So I think we fill in a lot of those holes and that’s really interesting to me and I think it will be interesting and surprised me throughout. I really thought something as profound you know the creation of the earth would be more than a thousand words.

The Bible is already really long so I guess I’m thankful for this brevity because imagine if each of these stories had been fleshed out further.

And then of course as a writer I have to give kudos to the writers because telling a story in 1,000 words is actually harder than telling a story in 3,000 words so good job writers.

Even though these stories are short and I feel like they’re moving fast, we’ll see if I feel the same way when I’m spending two weeks reading Psalms. So check back then and see how I’m feeling.

I want to know, does this surprise you? Whether you have exposure to the Bible or not, whether you were raised in the church or not, does it surprise you how short some of these stories are? Or are you kind of like that’s old news. I knew that. Been there done that.

Tell me about it. What do you think?

And then I’m gonna go ahead and call day one a success. I’m energized, I’m excited, and I want to see you know where this goes. So after day one I’m still in a good mood. We will see where that goes.

So again, head down to the comments, tell me what you think, and let me know if you have any questions.

And for those of you asking what my shirt says, because we all know this is important, it says “I prefer my puns intended,” so none of this no pun intended stuff. Embrace it, enjoy it, say the pun and wait for the eye roll and rock it.

So by the way I have like three shirts. I think I have like seven snarky shirts so we’ll cycle through those pretty fast, but I’ll show you each as they come up.

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4 thoughts on “Day 1 Video Recap

  1. Megan,
    This is so encouraging. There is nothing so beautiful as someone coming to the Word of Life to seek knowledge, wisdom, and understanding. The Genesis stories are actually quite short, as are all the stories in the Bible. There is no attempt at creating details, but rather a basic plot and not much else. However, it is amazing how much application can be extrapolated from the stories. As you said, it seems like they would be longer based on how much they are talked about.
    I also would recommend changing books every few days, because when you get into Leviticus through Deuteronomy it gets quite dry. You could try doing Old Testament, then New Testament, and a Psalm and Proverb each day to keep it interesting. I know there are guides that do it this way, as I once read the Bible in a year myself.
    However, if you feel happy about the way you are going about it that’s great. Just my recommendation. I wouldn’t want to see you quit when you’re in the middle of some pretty dry books.
    Also, how long have you been a Christian?

    God bless

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