Day 14: Genesis 44-46

As usual, this story continues from previous posts, so if you’re not caught up, head back a few days and refresh yourself.


Genesis 44: A Silver Cup in a Sack

We last left Joseph and his brothers eating dinner. After dinner, Joseph (well, his servants) gave the brothers sack loads of food. He snuck a silver cup into the youngest one’s (Benjamin’s).

Joseph then had his servant chase after the brothers and told them that whoever stole the cup shall become Joseph’s slave. Sounds like Jacob wanted Benjamin back in his life.

The brothers all went back to Jacob and pleaded to let Benjamin go back to their father in exchange for a different brother.


Genesis 45: Joseph Makes Himself Known

Another spoiler of a chapter title.

Joseph kicked everyone but his brothers out. He finally came clean to the brothers and they were literally speechless.

Joseph told them who he was and how he got to be in his powerful position. He and Benjamin had a tearful reunion. Joseph told the brothers to go back home and get the entire family, mostly his father, and bring them back to Egypt.

At first, Jacob (the father) didn’t believe them. But he saw all the riches the brothers brought with them and decided he believed them after all.


Genesis 46: Jacob’s Family Moves to Egypt

Jacob and all the sons, their wives, the livestock, and possessions all make their way to Egypt.

And then we get a giant list of the sons (no daughters) of all of Jacob’s sons. It’s a full-page list so I won’t recap here.

In all, 66 blood descendants of Jacob moved to Egypt. Joseph and his father have a touching reunion, and Jacob proclaims that now that he knows his son is alive, he can die.

Joseph works to set the males in the family up with jobs as shepherds and to provide a wonderful place to live. But the chapter ends mid story, so we don’t find out if he’s successful until tomorrow.

Major cliffhanger.


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2 thoughts on “Day 14: Genesis 44-46

  1. “Jacob proclaims that now that he knows his son is alive, he can die.”

    Tad confused. Jake can die or Joe?

    “but you also don’t want your cell phone number out there on everything”

    Ugh. I know. You leave one number on a bathroom wall and suddenly people don’t stop calling asking about the “good time” you mentioned. I missed the “s” people. It’s suppose to be “good times”. I had a dvd set I was looking to sell.

    Some have their ways of advertising and I have mine.

    1. 1. Another pesky example of unclear pronouns. The Bible’s writing style is rubbing off on me. Jacob was saying that he, Jake, can now die.

      2. Pick your bathrooms carefully.

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