Genesis Recap

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I just got finished reading Genesis, so one book down 60 or so to go. And I just want to do a recap.

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So as far as the Genesis recap goes, before I dive into Exodus, I touch about this in my first post the stories are a lot shorter than I expected. So the story of creation is a page and a half, less than a thousand words. Well both stories of creation actually are short.

Noah’s Ark is decently long but a lot of those stories that I remember are short so to me that means that as these stories are told over time—like in sermons and of course back in the day they were passed down verbally not in writing—that things are extrapolated and details are changed.

Just like how in Genesis it was never called an apple from the tree of knowledge. At least in my version it was called fruit so things like that, those little details, that get added and changed you know as you hear the stories and remember the stories.
I was not a big fan of the vengeful God theme within Genesis. A very bumpy ride for God. Very loving (I made you in my image), nope I’m going to destroy you, nope I love you again, I forgive you, destroy you again. Such a roller-coaster and kind of all over the place. And I did not like the the vengefulness. I definitely struggled with it and think I will continue to struggle with that, especially in the Old Testament, based on conversations I’ve had with people.
In Genesis there’s a lot of begetting. There’s a lot of family trees, family lines, it’s like an giant lists. There were a lot of those and it was it got really hard to follow with the lines and the people and I especially struggled with Jacob and Joseph. I mixed those two up like I can’t even tell how many times. I’d go through each post and make sure I was talking about the right character, the father or the son.
So those family lines were hard to follow and I’m hoping to bring somebody on to help talk me through some of that.
And then another thing I had a lot of—I tried to keep an open mind but I did have some expectations coming into this project—the one thing I found that I did not expect was my raging feminism coming out. Pretty much every post has some sort of reference where it’s you know they’re only talking about the sons or they’re talking about women as property. And of course the Bible is from a very different time when women’s role were very different and of course we’ve come a long way. We’re not there yet though. So I did not expect that but that hit me in like I don’t know chapter two or three. Pretty early on. And it’s kind of a recurring theme throughout of women being property, the sons being considered higher priority and that just kind of gets my goat. So I see that being a recurring theme now. But it honestly surprised me. I had no idea that that was even going to bubble up in me like it did.

So overall from Genesis, I remember a lot of the stories. You know creation, Noah’s Ark, Abraham and Isaac. I remember a lot of the stories that are covered in Genesis. Just they’re different. I mean now I’m an adult and I’m reading the actual text not a kid’s version, so they are different.

I found myself going, “I don’t remember that part,” or, “that’s not how I remember it,” quite a few times. But I did remember quite a few of the stories and had covered quite a few of them.

So we’re done with Genesis. We’ve got all of the other books left to go. But so far so good and I’ll keep plugging away.

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3 thoughts on “Genesis Recap

  1. Your video intro makes it sound like you are backhanding someone.

    Why so violent?

    And you talking about how apple was just called fruit. I’ve always been fascinated by how things got their name. Like apples. Was there some round table of minds that went through various ideas before settling on apple?

    1. It’s the sound of a book hitting a table. Figured it fit the theme.

      Language and naming conventions are a lifetime study on their own. Why is orange orange and were they mad when they later found carrots, which are also orange?

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