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Me again.

So for those of you asking, this masterpiece here is a skirt that I found out of the blue cleaning out my grandparents’ house, and I have decided to use it as a cape because it fits nicely as a cape. And frankly it looks fabulous, so if you’re lucky maybe I’ll show you someday. But yup, I’m using a cape to cover that mess on my futon.

And then the other important note of the day the shirt says “you’re killing me smalls” from the classic movie The Sandlot. Very important message to get out there.

So today we’re diving into one of the extras in my Bible, the New International Version. It’s got my name engraved in, I’m sure, 24 karat gold there. Fife application Bible. Gold leaf pages, this thing is fancy.

So within Genesis, in my posts, I’ve talked about the gender disparities that have come up. Not hiding that at all. So I wanted to read through some profiles here.

This Bible has a profile of the different…character seems like a weird word, different people, but I’m afraid I’m going to refer to them as characters even though I understand the connotation that that brings about.

Adam’s we have here, his reads like a resume. They all kind of do, but his strengths and accomplishments: so he was the first geologist because he named the animals; the first landscape architect, he was placed in the garden to take for it – excuse me to care for it’ he’s the father the human race, true;and he was the first person made in the image of God and the first human to share an intimate relationship with him. So those are his strengths.

He’s pretty blatant here about his weaknesses: he avoided responsibilities and blamed others, which I totally mentioned in the apple incident, the fruit from the tree of knowledge (which by the way I don’t think it ever mentions that it’s an apple now that I think about it… fruit from the tree of knowledge) so he definitely pawned that off on Eve. That was her fault. And then his greatest mistake is that he teamed up with Eve to bring sin into the world so you know if this is a resume, he’s just laying it all out here, which is nice.

So I just think that that is interesting. and then when I compared it to what’s laid out for Eve, again the gender differences were pretty blatant to me.

Her strengths and accomplishments: first wife and mother, and her other accomplishment is first female. So nothing about zoology, nothing about taking care of the household garden responsibilities. She was a wife, mother, female, the end. So again, the way that males and females are represented here I think is going to be a theme for me throughout, and it’s been very blatant in in in Genesis for sure.

Her weakness is she allowed her contentment to be undermined by Satan, it’s true; she acted impulsively without talking to either God or to her mate, which again she’s a woman so she should have checked with the men again… just interesting phrasing. And I know at this point that I’m bringing my own biases and interpretations into this, but I’m gonna ride that wave. so she not only sinned but she shared her sin with Adam. So she screwed up and then she pushed that on to somebody else. And then when confronted, blamed others. She blamed the snake, the serpent, the devil.

So again, just an interesting representation here from the two different genders in the way they’re discussed and talked about in these biblical profiles. I just wanted to talk through that because it stood out to me as I was reading through.

Comments, questions, other interpretations? Hang out down in the comments or, again, if it’s too public of a forum, shoot me a message. There should be like a contact button somewhere up here. You can shoot me a message there, I would love to hear what you think.

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